Dating practices in iraq

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The groups were evenly divided between men and women.

Participants were all adults, mostly of working and parenting ages in their 30s and 40s, with a few participants in their 20s and 50s. Each group had an interpreter, also a refugee from Iraq, who was invited to participate in the discussion.

To date, little has been written about the American health care experience of Iraqi refugees who have arrived since the U. Written and anecdotal reports suggest that relative to other recent refugee groups, the Iraqis are having a significantly more difficult time establishing their lives in the U. In fact, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and other organizations have described the resettlement situation as a crisis.

Despite the hardships, most Iraqi refugees are grateful to be here, to be safe, and to enjoy the freedoms of the U. This cultural profile provides information about the American health care experiences of a small group of Iraqi refugees in the Seattle area and health-related beliefs and expectations they understand to be common in their community; the health care system in Iraq; historical context pertinent to the physical and psychological needs of recent refugees; and refugee resettlement in the United States.

While the information and observations provided in the Cultural Atlas have been summarised from reliable sources, it is important to bear in mind that the information is a general guideline.

Cultures are complex, dynamic and constantly changing, and every country has great depth and diversity.

But since that’s not reality I’ve decided to compile a list in hopes of answering some questions. Spends every night away from his home, doesn’t answer his phone, and finally calls at 6am claiming he was at dewaniya all night. Get used to it, you’re always going to be less important than dewaniya. Having intimate relations with you then either disappearing for a few days… Being intimate with a man before marriage is almost unheard of. He believes you should only look good for him, at home, behind closed doors.

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Population: As of July 2008 the population was 28,221,180.Interviews were conducted with three resettlement coordinators from a local VOLAG (voluntary resettlement agency) and a mental health professional from a social service agency serving refugees.Published literature was reviewed and incorporated where indicated.Economy: The Iraqi economy is driven by its enormous oil reserves and petroleum based industries which accounted for about 95% of its earnings.Chemicals, textiles, agriculture, leather, construction infrastructure, fertilizer, and metal processing used to be other important contributors to the economy.

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